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Tutoring Information

    Requirements to tutor for Acme Tutors. 

1. The Tutor is required to have a South African Identity Document, a valid Driver’s Licence & his/her own reliable transport.

2. The Tutor must have an internet connection to receive and send documents

3. The Tutor is required to travel to teach at a client’s home within a maximum 20 km radius from their residential address. 
Acme Tutors
endeavours to keep these travelling distances to a minimum.

4. All travelling costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the Tutor.

5. By entering into this agreement, the tutor is obligated to teach individual (one-on-one), hourly lessons to a Client assigned by Acme Tutors.

6. Acme Tutors assigns the clients to the tutor based on the client’s and tutor’s availability and address, the subjects required by the client as well as the tutor’s agreement to teach the subjects the assigned Client requested.

7. The Tutor is to teach on dates/times that are convenient and fair to the Tutor, taking into consideration the Client’s availability for the lessons.

8. All communications between the Tutor and Acme Tutors is only acceptable by SMS, WhatsApp, cell phone or email (where written details are
required and all communications received, must be responded to within 48 hours of receipt by SMS, WhatsApp or cell phone.
If you use a cell phone or missed call, you will be called back to avoid cell phone costs

9. Tutors that have taught less than 20x1-hour lessons, will be paid R120-00 per 1-hour lesson, regardless of the grade taught. 
However, if the client is a University Student, the Tutor will be paid R130-00 per 1-hour lesson taught.

10. Tutors who have taught more than 20x1-hour lessons will be paid according to grade they tutoring.